Per our most recent presentation by Ms. Elise Kelley (ODFW Biologist), there is opportunity to provide input to the Willamette River issues by showing our support in numbers.

1.  Sea Lion predation of Salmon and Steelhead use the following link:


2.  Quest for 100k:  Bring Back Willamette River Spring Chinook

3.  Willamette Hatchery DEIS input


4.  It is time for the gill-net fleet to get on with changing net types that will support bi-catch native fish being released unharmed and alive (including sturgeon) and reducing their impact on the Columbia River Basin fishery that sports anglers have been maintaining all along.  This would also help in reducing food supply to the seals and sea lions that are plaguing the lower Columbia River.

Please take the time to write to the Commission on your feelings for deviating from the course at:

You may also contact your State representatives and the Governor to let them know your feelings:

•  Expressing your displeasure with Commission's broken promises by calling Governor Kate Brown at (503) 378-4582 to let her know that you oppose the decision of the Commissioners to block and/or not fully implement the agreed to Columbia River Reforms.

•    Contacting Representative Andy Olson (503) 986-1415 and Senator Sara Gelser at (503) 986-1708 or


You may also sign the following petition at