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Every year our club sponsors multiple event that members can participate in.  Don't be shy about attending or volunteering...thats what makes our group so amazing.  Events include:

  • Monthly Meetings (except July and August)

  • Board Meetings (every month)

  • Scout Lock-in teaching casting (January)

  • Sportsman's Show at the Expo promoting our club (February)

  • Hatchery Fish Spawning at Roaring River, Foster, Alsea, and Siletz–seasonal according to the fish (Fall and Winter)

  • Hatchery Fin Clipping (Winter)

  • River/Lake/Trail Clean-ups Earthday, MVC, ODFW, and SOLVE (March and various Summer dates)

  • Angler Access Projects (see projects tab for examples)

  • Wounded Warrior Events at Foster and Greenpeter Lakes (April and June)

  • Local Parades in Albany, Lebanon, and Sweet Home (June, July, and November)

  • Eggs to Fry ODFW in-schoolroom hatchery program (October eggs, December fry release, January tank setup)

  • Scout Fishing Derby Timberlinn Lake (April)

  • Free Fishing Day supporting ODFW to teach kids fishing (June, November, December)

  • Grade school fishing supporting ODFW to teach kids fishing (June)

  • Assembling Bear Bait for ODFW tagging bears (Fall)

  • Assembling ODFW Fish Traps and box traps to support collecting fish statistics (various)

  • Club Fishing Derbies (4-seasons)

  • Alsea ODFW Steelhead Broodstock Survey (Fall/Winter)

  • Greenpeter ODFW Kokanee Spawn Survey (Fall/Winter)

  • Calapooia ODFW Steelhead Counts (Fall/Winter)

  • Line Lure Collection Tubes (various parks year round)

  • Fly Tying Training (on request)

  • River Habitat Restoration at Wiley and 5-Rivers (Summer)

  • ANWS Fund Raisers–Drift Boat and Fishing Trip (October-March)

  • Chapter Picnic (August)

  • Chapter Banquet and Officer Installation (April)

  • Association Banquet and Award (November)

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